Frequently Asked Questions

We regularly get asked questions about the band and how we work. We've compiled a few of the most common questions to give you an idea of what you can expect from Temptations.

How many people are in the band?

The band consists of three professional musicians who have being playing together for a long time and excel each and every time they perform.

Which instruments do the band use?

We have P.J. on keyboard, bass and lead vocals, making sure the dance floor is full. Con is keeping the beat on drums and vocals. Kevin is on lead/rhythm guitar and vocals, keeping a watch on the volume and sound.

How long will the band play?

Under normal circumstances starting time is usually 9:00-9:30pm. We play for 2.5 hrs with a short break in between, when the tea/coffee and light finger food is being served, finishing around midnight. This is then followed by our after band DJ until 2:00am.

Will the music be loud?

You can be assured the band keep a close watch on the volume level, making sure everyone can have a chat as well as dance.

Where are Temptations based?

Temptations are a Cavan / Monaghan based band also covering all the surrounding counties. Distance is not a problem.

What time does the band arrive at the venue?

We are always there before the meal is over. Once the stage is clear we set up, aiming to have everyone dancing within an hour.